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Colin Sword 

I have taken several hours of advanced training from Carl and I have found his advice to be extremely helpful. Sometimes it takes a talented player to spot the minor errors that we all unconsciously make, and that is where Carl excels. Carl will watch your playing and give you real time advice so that you can see how it all works to better your game. Add the video the Academy has available and you can see the mistakes you make and the effects the advice makes to your overall game.

To those just picking up the game for the first time, I heartily recommend taking the basic courses with Arizona Billiards Academy to make your billiard experience one that you will continue.

Thank you,

Colin Sword

Tim Taylor
 "During a visit to the area, I took lessons both at Carl's room in Phoenix and at a local establishment In Tuscon. I appreciated the care he took appraising the current state of my game-- revealing several weaknesses.  In less than 15 minutes, Carl corrected my 9 ball break shot; after a very long drought, I was finally putting balls in on the break most every time. The rest of the lesson was spent on cueing/stroking, various shots, position play, and strategy-- all while going at that handful of areas needing work from different directions.  Carl's a gifted instructor who clearly, immediately helped my game-- last evening playing BCA 8 ball (out of 5 matches) only missed one shot--had 1 B&R as well as 3 TRs..."